Our Promise To Our Users

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

When we started OH4M, we wanted everyone, savvy or not, to be able to have a place online they could call their own. Not a subdomain of Facebook, Myspace, LiveJournal, or whatever may be the hotness on the web at the time. Somwhere where you feel permenance and the want to come back and take care of it.

There’s many hosting providers to choose from, and honestly, they’re all good choices. Each provides their own brand of service. But to differentiate ourselves from the pack, we attempt to offer the the best possible managed shared hosting possible.

Of course you’re instantly asking, “What does that mean!?”

To us, the best possible hosting means treating our users exactly as we would a friend we were hosting on our box. You need a script run? We’ve got you. Need some piece of software installed and setup that needs higher system access? We’ll do that too.

As long as its within reason, we generally see no reason to say no.

Our promise to our users is that you always come first and your home will always be there waiting for you.

Our Company Mission

To provide bloggers, small businesses, and individuals with the technology and know how to accel and achieve their digital dreams for a nominal price.

Our Promise

We’ll never nickel-and-dime you over features. Whatever we have, we’ll provide to you without tacking on tons of addon fees and charges. You pay. We provide.

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